The Company is deeply privileged to have an external Strategic Advisory Board comprising of distinguished business leaders, professional mentors, instituional supporters and industry veterans from market leading companies, chamber of commerces, professional organizations, think tanks and other instutitions from the U.S. and worldwide. Along with the above our Strategic Advisory Board has reputed business strategiests, next-generation product/market evangelists, financial advisors, legal advisors, venture backers as well as academic researchers and scientists. Our distinguished board brings  tremendous knowledge, unique perspective, and insight from their professional backgrounds and personal experiences. Our Strategic Advisory Board guides CONSULTY USA, CONSULTY GLOBAL and all its related operations on our vision, overall direction and strategy, and also advises the Company‚Äôs leadership in identifying new opportunities. The expertise and perspectives of our strategic advisor guides the Company in making the effective use of our resources, and achieving our evolving vision to our fullest potential. The Strategic Advisory Board can be reached at