Nancy (Nandini) Roy

VP, Operations


After 20 years of providing Executive and Operations Support to successful operations of leading Enterprises, in 2019 Nancy joined CONSULTY USA. Nancy is principally responsible for overall company operations, client facing activities and managing and delivery on client projects. With about 20 years’ experience in the multiple industries, Nancy has worked on numerous support engagements. Working with senior management of Enterprise companies, Public-Sector entities and several start-ups, she has been active in analyzing, planning and supporting of new and existing project activities. Most recently Nancy provided Executive Support to the Global CIO at PEPSICO in Plano, Texas. Prior to this role Nancy has provided Executive Support to CHRO and General Counsel at XO Communications (now Verizon) in Herndon, VA. Prior to this Nancy has also provided Executive Support at EDS in Plano, TX and EDS Federal in Herndon, VA.  Nancy has also worked at Sales Support and Operations at Telelogic (now IBM), IPIX and OnDialog. Nancy holds an M.A. from Syracuse University in New York and another M.A. from Claremont College in California, U.S.A. Nancy has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Jadavpur University in India. Nancy is also a member of the company board. Nancy can be reached at